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Succulent - rich in desirable qualities, affording mental nourishment, highly interesting and enjoyable - and juicy.
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Sensual Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste & Touch

This section involves the discovery of foreplay creations designed to stimulate as many of your senses as possible. All forms of erotic delight will be researched, experimented with, described and discussed for your benefit. This is a work in progress. Some of the sensual categories to be investigated include:

  • Erotic Sounds, Mood Music & Aural Sex
  • Tasty Treats & Frisky Foods
  • Perfumes & Incense
  • Tantalizing Textures
  • Sexy Sights & Erotic Art
  • Stimulating Images & Videos
  • Sensory Deprivation

Delicious Aural Sex for Women

Click Here! Audio Erotic for Women - Aural Sensations

Imagine yourself being taken far far away to a place where all is possible, to a place all is permissible, a place where colors and feelings possess amazing intensity, where whispers are felt throughout the entirety of your body. A special place where time no longer has meaning, where sensation becomes you.

Open your mind to deliciously evocative erotic stories. Stories read to you by potent, mesmerizing voices skilled in utterly capturing and holding your attention. Stories written from your perspective, so that you are there, you are the central character, you are the one that things happen to.

You will be there... you will taste the tastes, delight in scents, see eyes flash with mischief, feel rain and sun and warmth and breezes, feel your skin touched... touched by strength, by curiosity, by hunger, by lust!

What is this? Intelligent porn for women, aural sex for women, sensational smut, sex for the mind... all of that and more.

This is something enchantingly unique, something for your pleasure. Stories recorded by engaging, sensually charging voices for you to take where you need to. These are not just stories passively read to you about things happening to other people, these are stories where you are the one that things happen to ... you are the center of attention, you are remarkably there.

Here you will find a most marvelous venue for engorging the mind with the most magnificent smut! One that can create a truly unique individual experience that is wickedly invigorating.

Each involves a privately explicit fantasy, meant to be listened to when it is your time alone. With your mind and these stories, you will for a time leave the rest of the world behind and simply enjoy.

The trips of the mind, the fantasies are many and varied. They are those fantasies that have tickled you from the warm darkness, way, way in the back of your mind for years.. and they are here now.

Provocative, enticing, fun and safe.

Click Here for Delicious Aural Sex Stories

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