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If you do a search for almost any sex related subject on the internet, you are going to find millions of them. But which ones are any good? I have spent many nights and weekends searching for, reading about and researching topics on sex and relationship enhancement - not only for my business but to strengthen and improve my own relationship with my wife. This section is intended to help you identify other excellent sex related information and product websites so that you can focus on what you really want - have great sex with the one you love.

For some of the sites below, I have opted to sign up as an affiliate to help market their products. Others are just very intriguing with fun and insightful ideas. I whole heartedly believe that great sex is essential to every relationship - married or not. Love toys, copious climax contraptions, delightful devices, frisky foreplay games and other relationship enhancement products help to keep your erotic imagination and sense of sexual adventure alive. So, get your juices flowing and check out some alternative ways to play.

  • Lovemaking Bootcamp - a course by Gabrielle Moore that involves 7 days of intense sexual training. Are you up for the challenge? Almost seems a little intimidating but I am intrigued by the possibilities she offers. If you want to discover how to give women multiple mind-blowing orgasms, check out her Female Orgasm Revealed site and free report. Pleasure your lover with Intense, Toe-Curling Orgasms Every Night! - why not start tonight. Sign up for her newsletter and receive her sexy ideas that will keep your sex life fresh and exciting.
  • Eden Fantasys - is an online sex shopping experience with thousands of sex toys, books, DVDs and other erotic products specially design for women and the men/women who love them. The site is well structured with multiple, detailed product images and plenty of reviews. I especially like their extensive selection of glass and steel dildos. You will also be impressed with the sheer variety of erotic products that are stylish and functional. They provide discreet and secure shopping online so you can feel comfortable ordering any type of pleasure product that catches your eye and stimulates your erotic imagination. Take a look and sign up for their newsletter which features themed discounts regularly.
  • JT's Stockroom - is the place to go if you want to investigate sex with a wilder edge. Although they have regular sex toys for men, women, gays and lesbians, they also specialize in BDSM and festish products. Even if you have a mild curiosity about bondage, discipline, S/M or other fetish fantasies, browse through their extensive range or erotic accessories and sexual gear. As their tag line says - see All the Gest in Sexual Technology. Be prepared to awaken at least a few suppressed fantasies and erotic desires.
  • Monkey Rocker - Monkey Rockerô is an incredible innovation for self-pleasuring. It's like a glider style rocking chair with a special pivoting thrust assembly that holds a favorite sex toy. Take a look at the video of it moving with a dildo attached. Although a little pricey, this little invention would be a great addition to any private pleasure den.
  • Couples Games - is a blog discussing games for couples that range from romantic games to bedroom games to kinky games and all the various types in between. You may even find some ideas for role playing games and other erotic adventures to spice up your sex life. Please contribute to the discussion and share your own ideas for enhancing your relationship in and out of the bedroom.

I would like to thank you in advance for any purchases you choose to make on the sites listed above and wish you many pleasure filled days and nights playing and having fun with the person you love.


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P.S. Designing adult pleasure games is my personal passion. It is only after I read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth and subsequently attended the Millionaire Mind Evening & Millionaire Mind Intensive that I finally decided to start this business and pursue my passion. I highly recommend reading this book and attending the seminar to help improve all aspects of your life. Financial freedom and spiritual/emotional fulfillment go a long way toward enhancing your relationship. With more time, money and energy available to you, you will definitely have more opportunities to experience intimate pleasures with the one you love.

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