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Do you want more pleasure in your life?

Learning is a life long adventure. Even if you have read something before, your mind and body may now be ready to receive the knowledge in a new light and with a new perspective. So, even if you think you already Know That, check out a few articles and see if you are ready to learn something new and wonderful today. Dare to Desire More for yourself and your lover.

How To Guides and Articles


The above How To articles are female friendly and are written by a qualified expert in human sexuality. These articles do contain explicit diagrams intended to educate. Each article also provides related links and recommended toys or accessories. Be Informed. Check one out today.

Erotic Crossword & Wild Word Search Puzzles

If you are interested in exercising your carnal knowledge, try a few of the erotic word games available at Sexy Suggestions. Stimulate your minds then each other.

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